Karaikal - Geological


Karaikal - Geographical Features
Karaikal Region is situated in more or less a flat land. There are no hills or forests in this district. This region consists of almost entire coastal alluvial soil, which is highly suitable for cultivation of paddy and pulses.

Rivers Canals and Waterways

This region lies in Cauvery delta and the following rivers are the main sources of water for agricultural purposes
Running a distance of 11.97 Kms in the region
Running a distance of 11.2 Kms in the region. An irrigation supply carrier fed by Arasalar
Running a distance of 9 Kms in the region. An irrigation cum-drainage carrier fed by Arasalar
Running a distance of 13.7 Kms in the region. An irrigation supply carrier receiving its supply from Arasalar.
Running a distance of 5.3 Kms in the region and fed by Kodamurutti.
Running a distance of 5.13 Kms in the region. An irrigation cum drainage carrier receiving supply from Kodamurutti
Running a distance of 15.5 Kms in the region, which receives water supply from Virasolanar

There are a few shallow tube wells mainly in Tirunallar commune and partly in Neravy and Nedungadu communes respectively for agricultural activities

Karaikal Towns, villages and Amenities

The region, at present comprises of 6 taluks and 1 Community Development Block. It has 1 town and 100 villages
(99 inhabited villages and 1 uninhabited village)

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