Karaikal - Tourist Places

Tourist Places
In and around Karaikal there are many tourist important places, and holy Shiva and Vaishnava temples are situated which are all recorded in the holy books of Nayanmars and Alwars.

There is a small but beautiful temple in the heart of the town for Karaikal Ammaiyar , the only woman out of the 63 Nayanmars. 'Mangani' festival is celeberated every year during the month of June - July ie. the day of full moon falls on 'Aani, a tamil month.

The traditional temple of Lord Saneeswara (Saturn) at Thirunallar which is just 5 kms. away from Karaikal town. This is the only temple in the town dedicated to Lord Saturn and is well known throughout India.

The Karaikal sandy beach is one of the best natural beaches in the South Tamil Nadu. The beach has been given easy accessibility by widening the two kms. road along the Arasalar river and by illumination of the road with sodium vapour lamps. In addition to natural sandy beach, a boat jetty in the Arasalar, Childrens Park, Immovable sitting chairs along the roads, Vehicles Parking, Beach Restaurant, Tennis Court are also more attracting a heavy crowd of all kind of local peoples as well as of outside tourists.
Boating Club, Arasalar is located on the backwaters of the Arasalar, Stretching over a distance of 1.75 Kms. from the town. A straight road running along the banks of the river connects the sandy beach and sea with the town. The boating club provides pedaller, motor and rowing boats to the tourists.